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My mission is to maintain a high quality, functioning environment for computers and get critical problems solved, before it's too late.

Tony Jaconette Technology Services is a small business that services the Tri-County area, providing high quality, functioning environments for computers and critical problem solving, before it's too late. Since 2008 business has grown considerably, and the extensive customer base includes doctors, lawyers, architects and many others in the community.

All my knowledge and expertise have been crafted from years of hands-on, personal experience and a wide variety of resources. With the advent of the internet, knowledge about any and all problems can be sought and found. I have long been fascinated with all things related to computers and electronics, and problem solving for my customers is my goal. In addition to running my company, I am a full time student at Santa Barbara City College majoring in Computer Network Engineering & Electronics.
Maintaining computers in working order is a complex process at best. Keeping track of everything needed to keep a computer up and running is getting harder each day. My extensive knowledge and training allow me to shine in this endeavor. Tech support calls can be very frustrating for the home user. No one wants to hear about codes, pointers, registries, DLL's, or EXE's... I can spare you all that misery. As we all know, computers are here to stay and they aren't getting any less complex. My aim in business is to build a great working relationship with my customers to help with any problems that arise with this technology that is now so vital to all of us. Using the college as another launch pad for my skills, I have continued to learn the latest and greatest in modern computing and networking.